Smart Care Routing™

Clearstep is Smart Care Routing. We partner with health systems, payers, digital health providers, and other partners to make it easy for patients to find the care and services they need.

smart care routing

Virtual Triage

Help patients book the right care across your system based on their needs and preferences.

patient services

Patient Services

Leverage AI chat to automate administrative requests.

clinical journeys

Clinical Journeys

Support patients between and after appointments by digitizing follow-up and monitoring workflows.

Trusted by leading healthcare institutions

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Who we work with

Health systems

Health systems

Whether you're a small or large system, we help you acquire and retain patients.



Help your members find the most convenient, cost-effective, and trusted care within their network.

Digital health providers

Digital health providers

Make it easy for patients to find providers in your network.

A seamless experience for patients

Clinical content

Validated clinical content

Trusted and used by healthcare organizations, with 95% triage accuracy


Award-winning UX & design

An in-house design team bringing gold standards of UX / UI to design the future of healthcare.

Healthcare experience

Agility & healthcare experience

An agile and talented team guided by trusted industry experts at leading healthcare institutions.


Expertise in targeting & engagement

Leveraging expertise in social networks, patient targeting, and consumer behavior.

Speaker phone
"Emerging companies such as Clearstep are needed to continue the growth and success of the telemedicine field."
Tim Thompson
CIO, BayCare Health System
Case Study
Fighting COVID-19 with a major Florida health system

Less than two weeks after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, Clearstep and BayCare Health System launched a COVID-19 screener. The screener was used more than 10,000 times per day upon release, allowing BayCare to support patients and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in its catchment area.

BayCare COVID-19 screener