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Clearstep is an AI chat healthcare assistant providing patients with personalized guidance to meet their care needs

Virtual Triage

Empower patient consumers with digital self-service symptom checking and triage to the proper care. Offer real-time appointment scheduling to attract and retain patients, fill schedules and improve capacity management.

Patient Services

Automate common patient touch points, requests, and reminders. Reduce administrative burdens on care teams.

Clinical Journeys

Reduce readmissions by streamlining patient follow-ups and remote monitoring workflows.

Who we work with

Health Systems

We help health systems and providers acquire new patients and retain existing patients by delivering an enhanced, consumer-centric experience. Ultimately driving better patient engagement and health outcomes, while automating workflows and increasing efficiency.

Health Plans & Payers

We complement health plans and payers by offering plan members self-service symptom checking, triage, and step-by-step guidance to find the most appropriate, convenient, cost-effective, and trusted in-network care.

Digital Health Partners

We partner with digital health, healthcare innovation, and healthcare SaaS companies to enhance digital health products with clinically-validated AI chat solutions.

Patients love Clearstep! Our Net Promoter Score is 4x above the industry average for healthcare

"Nice way to guide patients."

Net Promoter Score 9

"This is super helpful. I really liked this tool as I am never sure who I should make an appointment with when I have something other than a general checkup/physical."

Net Promoter Score 10

"This helps sooth a mama's brain from rushing their baby to ER in the late night hours"

Net Promoter Score 10

"I like it. I like it a lot. It's really helpful. This is a very good idea whoever came up with it. It's very good to be able to sit down and talk to somebody or text about symptoms that you're having because the body is something serious."

Net Promoter Score 10

"This is great. Specially when people like myself getting older getting pain and have questions but to scared to go to hospital or see a doctor. This is great. Thank you."

Net Promoter Score 10

"I found it quite accurate in the line of questioning. Like I was truly being cared for."

Net Promoter Score 10
Clearstep in the news

"The easy button for healthcare engagement"

A Healthcare Innovation webinar with Joel Nelson, Chief Transformation Office of Duly Health & Care and Adeel Malik, CEO of Clearstep

“Clearstep’s Smart Care Routing helps patients connect with the most appropriate type of clinician”

Pushing the Boundaries of Virtual Care

Dr. Matthew Sakumoto, MD, Clinical Intelligence Lead of Clearstep

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you white label?

Yes, we can configure Clearstep’s color palette, logos, and triage endpoints (with specific provider and facility data as well as scheduling resources) to match your organization’s brand guidelines and specific care resources.

What is your pricing model?

Clearstep is a SaaS solution that is licensed for a fixed monthly fee with additional variable fees associated with the features you select for your Clearstep implementation and the scale of the implementation.

How configurable is the Clearstep platform?

The core of the Clearstep platform is a powerful symptom checking and care routing engine. Additional features can be plugged into the core according to your organization’s needs. We offer several product bundles that meet the needs of most organizations. For more information on configuring Clearstep for your organization, please contact us.

What EMR and data integrations are available?

Clearstep integrates with facility, inventory, scheduling, EMR, and CRM databases. We are a member of Epic’s AppOrchard. Summaries of Clearstep encounters can also be pushed back and stored as a record.

I am interested in bringing the Clearstep platform into our health system, but am unsure which stakeholders to pitch the solution to. Any thoughts?

Clearstep frequently works with Digital or Patient Experience, Marketing, and IT departments. We recommend reaching out to directors, VPs, SVPs, and / or chief-level executives in each of these departments to learn more about the digital front door, symptom checking, digital triage, or care routing initiatives that may already be in place.

How do you protect PHI?

All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. We only store user-identifying data after receiving explicit consent from the user. All such user-identifying data is stored separately from medical data. We never store IP addresses.

Want To Learn More?

Send us a message to schedule a demo or learn more about Smart Care Routing™ from Clearstep.

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