Providing state-of-the-art care to patients is a team effort no matter how you view it. That’s why we’re working together with our incredible partners to make sure patients find the next best step to care every time.
Health Navigator
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Via our partnership with Health Navigator (HN), we source the most accurate triage, diagnostic, and home care content available. HN content is derived from triage protocols used in 95% of nurse call centers, and is based on 6.5M nurse call center records and 100,000s of ER datasets. The content has been written to fit a 6th grade reading level.
Healthcare Blocks
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Healthcare Blocks is a HIPAA-compliant application hosting platform used by small health technology startups as well as large hospitals and labs of the like of UCLA. All of the personal health information that transits our solution is encrypted, stored, and handled via Healthcare Blocks.
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TruePatient creates a complete view of patients by combining insurance claims data, third party data, and website intent signals to drive patient acquisition and retention. We partner with TruePatient to efficiently target, acquire, and retain patients through Clearstep.
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Historically, pharmaceutical clinical trials and research severely underrepresent minorities. Thus, for most medications, we do not know how it affects these groups. Drugviu is a population heath platform that helps minority communities to find medication experiences and connect with people with the same conditions to improve outcomes through knowledge sharing. Drugviu combines medication data from FDA and NIH with our pharmacist and PhD expertise and real world medication experiences as reported by minority communities to provide a clear picture of what to expect when taking medication.