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How clearstep works

Not sure which care is best for you?

Let us be your guide.

Describe your symptoms

Tell us about what you're experiencing and receive clinical guidance created by board-certified physicians. Clearstep will provide care recommendations based on your responses. This free service usually takes 2-4 minutes.

Patient chatting online with Clearstep virtual triage about their symptoms in which they confirm that their heart is racing or beating fast.
Care options presented in order of priority to a patient who has completed Clearstep virtual triage. Patient can select their preference between scheduling a virtual care visit, in-person visit or get home-care advice.

Review your care options

Save time and money by choosing the most clinically appropriate care based on our recommendations. From self-care advice to an ER visit, have confidence that you're taking the best next step for care.

Select your service

Our Virtual Triage provides quick and easy access for you to schedule the right type of care appointment with a physician that accepts your health insurance.

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Meet the Experts

Meet some of our in-house Physicians and APPs (Advanced Practice Providers) that collaboratively develop algorithms to help guide you to the most appropriate care option. These options range from retail clinics, in-person primary and specialty care, virtual visits, to emergency care settings.

Dr. Anna Schubert is an Emergency Medicine physician.

Anna Schubert, MD

Emergency Medicine

Dr. Casey Distano is an Emergency Medicine physician.

Casey Distaso, MD

Emergency medicine

Dr. Anne Batista is an Emergency Medicine physician.

Anne Batista, MD

Emergency Medicine

Dr. Matt Sakumoto an Internal Medicine physician.

Matt Sakumoto, MD

Internal Medicine

Dr. Andrew Johnston is a Radiology physician.

Andrew Johnston, MD


Dr. Kelsey Udy is an Urgent Care physician.

Kelsey Udy, PA

Urgent Care

Dr. Amy McKean is an Occupational Therapy physician.

Amy McKean, OT

Occupational Therapy

Dr. Kathleen McKean is a Pediatrics physician.

Kathleen McKean, RN



Patients and leading healthcare institutions trust Clearstep

Carissa C. a healthcare consumer that used Clearstep's online symptom checker and triage to get care advice for her sick child.

"This helps sooth a mama's brain from rushing their baby to ER in the late night hours"


Michael B., a healthcare consumer, sharing his feedback on using Clearstep's online symptom checker and triage.

"This is super helpful. I really liked this tool as I am never sure who I should make an appointment with when I have something other than a general checkup/physical."



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