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What's Clearstep?

Clearstep is a chatbot that helps inform you of the right care for your health symptoms by using the most advanced and validated symptom checking technology. Our algorithms are backed by evidence-based medical content accumulated over 20+ years of clinical trials.

How do I use it?

It’s super simple! Just go ahead and start typing in symptoms that you’re experiencing and the chatbot will ask you a couple of questions about your health. After a couple of minutes of answering questions, Clearstep will let you know what it thinks you might be experiencing. It’ll also suggest some next steps to get you healthy again.

How do I know I’m getting accurate information?

We’re not just accurate. We’re the most accurate artificial intelligence platform when it comes to the triage and diagnosis of health symptoms. We’re powered by data from Health Navigator, a medical database that has the most accurate digital health triage and diagnostic protocols on the market. We use their clinical vocabulary, natural language processing engine, and decision-support tools to create the most comprehensive symptom checking software there is.
Clearstep incorporates data from:
Patient encounters
Relevant medical resources
Triage Accuracy
Powered by
Health Navigator
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We’re hard at work building an amazing mobile app experience. Have the incredible Clearstep chatbot right at your fingertips with all the functionality that’s currently on web. Check back on our website for more info soon. For now, you can use Clearstep on mobile web. Enjoy and most importantly, feel better.