The Problem:
Healthcare's consumer experience is broken. Consumers want to shop for options and value a convenient, cost transparent, and frictionless interaction. While people do turn to the internet to find healthcare information, they are often lost in a sea of information. Health systems need a better way to curate the right content and better guide patients to the right level of care.
of consumers use search engines to find health information
Source: Becker Hospital Review
of consumers want to use digital health services that meet actual needs
Source: McKinsey Hospital Review
What are we doing about it?
We’re building a revolutionary healthcare user experience and helping health systems meet the demands of the modern consumer. Intelligent symptom checking is just the start. Our tech is the gateway to a fully consumerized healthcare experience that fulfills demand for service better than anyone else.

We match symptom descriptions to the right points of care using the most accurate content available, provide recommendations that encompass price, network status, outcome ratings, and wait times, and make it easy for patients to choose and schedule the care they need. We are bringing the consumer experience we’ve come to love and expect in other industries to healthcare.
Our Team
Adeel Malik
Chief Executive Officer
While studying finance and neurobiology in undergrad, Adeel spent his time doing neuro-immunology research at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, contributing to several academic publications. After undergrad, Adeel was a strategy & analytics consultant with Accenture for several years where he worked with some of the largest institutions in healthcare across pharma, health tech, health systems, and retail clinics. Adeel’s skills in healthcare analytics, operations, sales, and his breadth of experience across the healthcare ecosystem enable him to lead Clearstep through the complexities of healthcare innovation.
Bilal Naved
Chief Operating Officer
Bilal has had a successful career in medical innovation, beginning research as a sophomore in high school at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Over the past 9 years Bilal has published 8 scientific papers, 1 textbook chapter, and generated $2 million+ in research funding at institutions like the NIH, the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, and Northwestern University. He is on a full scholarship in the dual MD/PhD program at Northwestern University and is now on a break from medical school to build the company and do research.

Bilal networks between physicians, hospitals, insurance companies, healthcare incubators, and healthcare administrators to ensure that Clearstep is positioned to drive patient outcomes and engagement. Bilal’s unique perspective bridges the worlds of a medical trainee and a biomedical engineer. His insight informs the necessary user experience needed to engage the average patient and the functionality required of virtual health systems to make physicians’ lives easier, streamline resources, and create efficiencies in the hospital.
David Zbarsky
Chief Technology Officer
David started working at Mozilla and contributing to open source as a sophomore in high school, continuing to do so throughout college at the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated with a dual degree from the Wharton School of Business and the school of Engineering.

While interning at Bloomberg during undergrad, he created an internal tool to vastly speed up development efforts for thousands of engineers. He then went on to work at Dropbox, contributing to infrastructure, backend, and frontend systems as well as continuing to contribute to open source projects. Some projects David led included infrastructure optimizations saving tens of millions of dollars annually as well as creating a web-scale monitoring system. David's engineering and leadership experiences have prepared him to spearhead Clearstep’s development and deliver a revolutionary product that materially improves patients' lives.
Peter Garber
Chief Marketing & Design Officer
Peter’s experience working on Twitter’s Brand Strategy and Paid Media Management teams for 4 years has enabled his expertise in brand / campaign planning, product development, execution, and data-driven storytelling. He also acquired healthcare experience during his time as an Emergency Medical Technician for his hometown ambulance corps in northern New Jersey for several years.

Peter is focusing on creating the gold standard of healthcare UX at Clearstep. He’s responsible for all UX/UI design and animation along with the company’s brand initiatives. Peter is working on building out Clearstep’s own design system and UI across multiple Clearstep products from the ground up. His experience with productivity design at Twitter is helping craft a UX that’s tailored to both patient and provider needs and completely overhauls the outdated inputs that currently exist on many popular health applications. Peter’s experiences have enabled him to build a cohesive experience which is being used to help patients better access care.
Annie Kramer
VP, Product Engineering
Annie is a software engineer focused on building powerful and intuitive user interfaces. Her adventures in tech started in 2014 at a San Francisco-based start-up called Parastructure that built business intelligence tools to facilitate data-driven decision-making. The start-up was acquired by Dropbox, where Annie worked as a software engineer for 5 years, first on data analysis tooling and later on user authentication and account interfaces. She relocated to Seattle in late 2017 to join the team responsible for the core functions of retrieving and uploading files in Dropbox’s high-traffic web app.

Annie’s journey to tech was a winding one: she studied American history and French at Stanford University, and worked for a year after undergrad at a think tank focused on nuclear weapons history and policy. Annie left Dropbox in early 2019 to explore opportunities for mission-driven work in tech. She comes from a family of healthcare professionals (with expertise spanning dermatology, pathology, physical therapy, and infectious disease diagnostics), and is excited to bring her passion for interdisciplinary thinking to the table to build user-focused products that are shaped and strengthened by diverse perspectives.
Sarah Vente
Sarah graduated from MIT with a degree in both Physics and Computer Science. She originally planned to pursue a PhD in theoretical physics, but fell in love with software after a summer internship at a robotics company. After graduating, Sarah joined Dropbox where her work has enabled users to view and collaborate on high-quality file previews on the web. At Clearstep, Sarah focuses on driving the web frontend strategy and architecture.
David Wetterau
Yousuf Naved
Product Development
Yousuf is a biomedical engineer graduate who is currently pursuing a Masters of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Maryland College Park. He earned the 1st place award for his Senior Year Capstone Project on a quantitative monitoring cough device. This project resulted in acquiring a patent through the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Since graduating, he has worked with a team of individuals under Northwestern University in publishing a review paper regarding nanomaterials. Yousuf’s technical and applicable knowledge in biomedical devices has expanded into his work at Clearstep. Yousuf’s goal is to streamline and advance the building blocks for future studies and product features within the company. His drive, passion for learning, and client based experiences allow for a bridged role in moving Clearstep’s vision forward in providing a better patient care experience.
Our Executive Advisors
Jeffrey Nadler
Chief Information Officer, Teladoc Health
Jeff Nadler oversees enterprise information technology, data and analytics, information security, and infrastructure for all Teladoc Health divisions. He brings impressive experience managing architecture, design, and delivery of information technology projects. Nadler has specialized expertise in the healthcare, financial services, and insurance industries, and broad experience building and managing large, high-performing IT teams and driving successful projects to completion. His perspective on the healthcare industry and its current gaps enables Clearstep to build towards what the industry really needs.
Dennis Erwin
Former Executive Vice President, Presence Health
Dennis has spent the past 20 years in performance improvement and strategic transaction efforts for health systems and hospitals. He has led $100’s of millions of turnaround projects and financial transactions for numerous large health systems. Recently, Dennis spearheaded the $200 million turnaround of Presence Health and the $2+ billion merger of Presence into Ascension Health and Amita. Leveraging his expertise in driving growth for health systems, Dennis ensures that Clearstep is creating tools and building technology that work towards health systems strategic priorities.
Larry Schor
Operating Partner, Abundant Venture Partners
Larry is an entrepreneurial senior executive and general manager with over 25 years of experience leading growth-stage healthcare technology companies. Larry’s career has tracked the expanding importance of data analytics in the healthcare industry, where he has played key roles in practical business applications to clinical decision support, disease management, and population health management. He has enjoyed a career that began with a decade of combined service with the first pioneers in healthcare data analytics, starting as a data analyst, rapidly earning expanded duties in business strategy, sales, and general management, and culminating in his appointment as President & CEO of CHS, now a part of Optum Analytics. His depth of industry experience helps Clearstep leverage its technology to drive value for hospitals and health systems.
Tim Lenardo
CEO & Co-Founder, Jetfuel
Co-creator, Boomerang by Instagram
Tim is the co-creator of Boomerang by Instagram and has since founded JetFuel, a startup that drives app downloads via instagram and Snapchat influencer analytics. Within a few months of launching, JetFuel has delivered millions of installs to some of the top companies in mobile. Tim lends his expertise to Clearstep to ensure a successful consumer outreach and marketing strategy.
A proud member of
About the MATTER Startup Incubator Program:
MATTER is mobilizing a community of healthcare innovators who aspire to heroic change. Incubated by the City of Chicago and initially funded by the State of Illinois and area businesses, MATTER opened in February 2015 with 30 startup companies and a few programs, and has since grown to include hundreds of startup and growth stage companies from around the world, dozens of corporate partners and a diverse array of programs supporting healthcare entrepreneurship and innovation.

With MATTER’s non-profit and no-equity model as the foundation, their community allows Clearstep to come together with industry leaders, scientists and clinicians from across the globe to collaborate on developing next-generation healthcare and life sciences technologies.
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