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Support healthcare consumer and patient journeys between and after each care appointment

Use pre-built logic or customized as needed for your patient populations and health system processes

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Digitally check in with patients after positive COVID tests to monitor if their condition is improving or worsening. Automatically provide clear next steps for care, as-needed.

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Post-Discharge Monitoring

Reduce readmissions by closely tracking patient symptoms after discharge to monitor if they improve or worsen. If symptoms worsen, trigger automatic care escalation and the best next steps for patients. Once better, our AI will automatically end monitoring workflows.

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Post-Diagnosis Support

Chronic conditions are challenging and stressful to manage. Help patients navigate and manage the best next steps following a new diagnosis. Facilitate automated check-ins and important care reminders to support better health outcomes.

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“This system saved lives.”

Alan Weiss, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, BayCare

Frequently Asked Questions about Clinical Journeys

What are Clinical Journeys?

Clinical Journeys are a healthcare management system created to automate the follow-up of high-risk patients post discharge or after significant medical events. The solution offers a digital alternative for clinical & case management teams for patients that traditionally require frequent outreach. Using predefined clinical logic, Clinical Journeys monitors the health of discharged patients through chat based interactions, tracking the progression or resolution of their symptoms, reports status back to clinical teams, and prompts proactive outreach by providers if patients’ conditions worsen. As a patient's condition improves, the solution intelligently ends monitoring for the patient.

How does Clinical Journeys work?

Discharged patients who fit eligibility criteria are automatically enrolled and receive a text with their unique Clearstep link. Patients are then asked questions about their overall status, signs / symptoms, objective information, and medication compliance. Clearstep then calculates (1) risk + severity score, (2) relevant endpoints (including need for intervention), and (3) frequency of auto-follow up. All calculated data is associated with the patient and made available to population health or care teams.

What conditions can Clinical Journeys treat?

A few conditions include Chronic Heart Failure (CHF), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), COVID-19, and complex therapeutics. 

How much interaction is required from clinical users of Clinical Journeys?

Clinical Journeys is meant to reduce the number of “touches” chronic and high-risk patients require between appointments and post discharge. The solution automates the outreach to these patients to collect vital information regarding their condition and packages the insights into concise, easy to use reports for their care teams. Care teams can feel assured that the clinical monitoring is capturing the appropriate care trends while requiring minimal manual intervention. Care teams only need to reach out when clinically appropriate – Clearstep handles the rest.

Why should my organization use Clinical Journeys?

Healthcare organizations are under constant pressure to provide high-quality care while minimizing costs and negating inefficiencies. Clinical Journeys allows care teams to not worry about sacrificing the quality of care post-discharge by ensuring patients are continuously monitored without needing to do the monitoring themselves. Additionally, the ability to escalate worsening conditions to care teams before patients need urgent care helps healthcare organizations reduce readmissions and avoid adverse health events among their patient populations.

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