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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you white-label?

Yes, we can configure Clearstep’s color palette, logos, and triage endpoints (with specific provider and facility data as well as scheduling resources) to match your organization’s brand guidelines and specific care resources.

What is your pricing model?

Clearstep is a SaaS solution that is licensed for a fixed monthly fee with additional variable fees associated with the features you select for your Clearstep implementation and the scale of the implementation.

How configurable is the Clearstep platform?

The core of the Clearstep platform is a powerful symptom checking and care routing engine. Additional features can be plugged into the core according to your organization’s needs. We offer several product bundles that meet the needs of most organizations. For more information on configuring Clearstep for your organization, please contact us.

What EMR and data integrations are available?

Clearstep integrates with facility, inventory, scheduling, EMR, and CRM databases. We are a member of Epic’s AppOrchard. Summaries of Clearstep encounters can also be pushed back and stored as a record.

How do patients use Smart Care Routing?

Smart Care Routing integrates with your digital assets on the web and mobile. You can embed your white-labeled Clearstep instance as an iFrame on your site or mobile app, simply link out to it via buttons on your pages, host it as a widget, or build it into existing user experience with our APIs.

What is Clearstep’s ROI?

Although ROI varies based on our provider partners, we typically see payback in a matter of weeks or a few months, and often an ROI of 10x.

What types of customers do you work with?

We work primarily with health systems. However, we've also had successful implementations with insurers, telemedicine providers, and a variety of digital health companies. Please contact us to discuss how Clearstep can help your organization meet its goals.

What distinguishes Clearstep's Smart Care Routing from other options on the market?

1. Our AI chat is fast: Clearstep asks 10 fewer questions than the competition with NLP technology that understands free text.

2. Our Virtual Triage is accurate (over 95% in fact): Clearstep’s algorithms are built from Schmitt Clinical Content. In a double-blind study, Clearstep’s triage accuracy was 95% compared to the judgment of ER doctors.

3. We’re white-label and fully configurable: The Clearstep platform is the most configurable triage and care routing solution available. We white-label to maintain the look and feel of your organization’s digital properties and offer plug-and-play features to meet the needs of your organization.

4. Patients love us: Clearstep’s NPS is 4x the industry average.

I am interested in bringing the Clearstep platform into our health system, but am unsure which stakeholders to pitch the solution to. Any thoughts?

Clearstep frequently works with Digital or Patient Experience, Marketing, and IT departments. We recommend reaching out to directors, VPs, SVPs, and / or chief-level executives in each of these departments to learn more about the digital front door, symptom checking, digital triage, or care routing initiatives that may already be in place.

What care options do you recommend in the symptom checker?

Clearstep recommends care options ranging from self-care at home, primary care, telemedicine, retail clinic, specialty care, urgent care, emergency departments, to 911. Clearstep will advise users to stay home when relevant, ensuring that users always receive an appropriate care recommendation for their presenting symptoms.

How do you make data available to your customers?

We work with our customers to align on key performance indicators (KPIs), and we offer a variety of data packages for consuming data. Our base package comes with access to downloadable analytics reports with KPIs and data visualizations. Our premium packages provide access to live-updating dashboards with rich, interactive visualizations.

How do you protect PHI?

All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. We only store user-identifying data after receiving explicit consent from the user. All such user-identifying data is stored separately from medical data. We never store IP addresses.