How Mount Sinai Health System Is Moving Healthcare Forward With Digital Triage Software

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Mount Sinai Health System took a giant leap forward in enhancing patient care with the introduction of its innovative Digital Experience tools, and we are privileged to be part of their digital transformation! 

Their groundbreaking initiative allows patients to access a range of services, from virtual urgent care to primary care appointments, all from the comfort of their smartphones or computers.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and our digital triage software, Mount Sinai sets a new standard for healthcare accessibility, convenience, and patient empowerment.

Here are 8 ways our partnership with Mount Sinai will help move digital healthcare – and healthcare at large – forward.

1. Improved Access to Care

Mount Sinai patients can now enjoy greater care access than ever before. 

The Virtual Urgent Care feature allows individuals to address non-emergency health concerns, such as the flu or mild COVID-19 symptoms, without leaving their homes. This triage symptom checker facilitates timely medical attention while minimizing unnecessary visits to healthcare facilities.

2. Seamless Appointment Scheduling

Gone are the days of waiting on hold to book a doctor's appointment. 

The Digital Experience tools allow patients to easily schedule appointments for various healthcare needs, including annual wellness exams, through the Virtual Primary Care option. This efficient process saves time and empowers patients to take control of their healthcare journey.

3. Intelligent Symptom Identification

The Check Symptoms & Get Care platform is an innovative solution for symptom identification and care navigation. 

By completing a short questionnaire, patients can self-identify their ailments, which are then analyzed using natural language processing, a branch of artificial intelligence. 

Based on the results, patients receive a personalized list of telehealth or in-person care options tailored to their specific needs. This healthcare conversational AI system streamlines the process of seeking appropriate medical attention, ensuring patients receive the care they require promptly.

4. Pioneering Technology Collaboration

Mount Sinai's Digital and Technology Partners department partnered with Clearstep, an artificial intelligence chat healthcare assistant, to develop this innovative self-triage system. 

Combining expertise in medical care and advanced technology, Mount Sinai is the first health system in New York City to implement such a comprehensive digital solution. The collaboration enables the translation of complex medical data into user-friendly content, enhancing patient understanding and engagement.

5. Mount Sinai Virtual Assistant

Another valuable addition to the suite of Digital Experience tools is the Mount Sinai Virtual Assistant. 

This intelligent assistant is designed to provide patients with prompt responses to their questions and assist in managing appointments. By integrating automation and seamless integration throughout the health system, Mount Sinai prioritizes continuity of care and equitable access to services for its diverse community.

6. Empowering Patients for Better Health

Kristin Myers, the Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Information Officer of the Mount Sinai Health System, emphasized the importance of encouraging patients to proactively engage with their care teams, manage their health progress, and utilize ongoing support and resources. 

The newly launched digital tools offer patients the means to be active participants in their healthcare, enabling them to make informed decisions and access the services they need when they need them.

7. Building on MyMountSinai

The Digital Experience tools build upon the existing capabilities of MyMountSinai, a mobile app launched in 2021. 

This app allows patients to access their health records, lab results, schedule appointments, conduct video visits, pay bills, and request prescription refills. The introduction of Digital Experience tools takes the patient experience to the next level, expanding the range of services and streamlining access to care.

8. A Commitment to Exceptional Care

Mount Sinai's Chief Executive Officer, Kelly Cassano, underscores the organization's dedication to delivering high-quality healthcare services to communities. By continuously innovating and expanding their telehealth options, Mount Sinai ensures that world-leading care is readily available, meeting patients' needs at their utmost convenience.

Mount Sinai Health System's launch of Digital Experience tools represents a remarkable advancement in patient care. 

A Digital Health Strategy to Keep Your Eyes On 

By leveraging technology, our digital triage software, and seamless integration, Mount Sinai created a patient-centered approach that enhances access to care, streamlines appointment scheduling, provides intelligent symptom identification, and empowers individuals to take charge of their health. 

Mount Sinai and other health systems use Clearstep's digital triage software and healthcare conversational AI system to engage patients before they step foot in a hospital and empower clinicians. 

Want to learn more about how our tools can help your health system? Let's talk.

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