Level Up Non-Clinical Call Center Agents to Accurately Triage Patients with Clearstep’s Call Center Support Solution

Clearstep Team

Workforce supply issues, especially for clinical professionals, continue to make it difficult for healthcare organizations to staff to the levels needed to deliver superior care. With surveys showing that up to 47% of healthcare workers planning to leave the profession by 2025, the challenge will compound to the point where organizations need to drastically shift their resources to provide adequate levels of care. Allowing providers, such as nurses, to practice at the top of their licenses by removing administrative tasks like taking calls and directing patients to the appropriate care can mitigate many of the challenges and risks of workforce shortages. But how do healthcare organizations ensure that patients are getting the right care? 

Clearstep’s Call Center Support Solution can equip your non-clinical call center staff with the confidence to correctly triage incoming patient calls to the correct level of care. Using best practice nurse call center triage logic and decision workflows vetted by our clinical intelligence team of multi-specialty physicians, we’ve translated our patient-facing Virtual Triage Solution to a call center-centric experience. With this new solution, non-clinical call center agents can answer all clinically relevant questions for a patient’s symptoms, direct patients to a triage, and even book them into appointments. Our Call Center Support Solution helps healthcare organizations enable clinical staff to practice to the top of their license by better equipping non-clinical staff to handle simple triage. Further minimizing the need for clinical call center agents, leveraging this solution can result in up to 50% cost reduction for staffing or around $3M in savings per month for high-volume call centers. Watch for more announcements related to the Call Center Support Solution soon!

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