Patient Services

Conversational AI Assistant Automates Patient Self-Service

Leverage our elevated artificial intelligence healthcare chatbot system for routine patient requests and to reduce care team workloads.
Optimize Self-Service Interactions and Experiences for Patients 
Deflect Calls and Reduced Contact Center Costs
Automate Routine Manual Work and Lessen Workloads

Enable Self-Service and Automate Recurrent Patient Requests

Leverage pre-made or customized workflows to provide on-demand, automated, self-service guidance for common patient questions, requests, and services such as:
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    Find a doctor or healthcare services
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    Check insurance eligibility/insurance questions
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    General health/health system FAQs 
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    Pricing questions
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    Bill payment support
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    Prescription refills / Medication advice
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    Care management and companionship
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    Self-care guidance / OTC recommendations
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    Post or inter-care tracking and follow-ups
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    Lab/test results or other medical record questions
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    Administrative patient support (e.g., paperwork, sign-in issues, rescheduling, etc.)
Woman holding tablet with Clearstep digital triage software
Clearstep digital triage software patient service interface

Adaptive A.I. Healthcare Assistants 

Why build from scratch when you can blend our conversational, conditional, expert, and generative AI assistants into your existing technology stack to automate repetitive patient requests and administrative and clinical workflows? Ensure that patients have seamless, optimized, and productive self-service experiences.   
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    Electronic Health Records (EHR) / Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
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    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
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    Health Content/Medical Libraries
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    Product/Service Inventory Management Systems (IMS) 

How Patient Services Works

Provide 24/7 Support and Concierge-Level Experiences for Patients

Patient Services FAQs

What workflows does Patient Services automate?

Patient Services is designed to automate several administrative workflows, the most common being paperwork requests, medication refills, lab/test result requests, specialist referrals, issues with getting into the patient portal, appointment scheduling, provider/location finding, insurance eligibility checks, and billing/payments. Although these are the most common workflows, our solution is customizable to your needs. If another workflow is not mentioned here, please contact us to explore if Patient Services can address your unique need(s) with additional workflows.

How does the Patient Services solution work?

Like our Virtual Triage experience, our Patient Services solution is powered by conversational AI assistants. Patients enter the services they seek, and our Natural Language Processing (NLP) matches the patient to the correct workflow. Additionally, we can present several pre-defined endpoints to expedite the patient's search and guide them directly to where they need to go.

Will Patient Services replace call center staff?

Patient Services works well when complementing existing call centers (nurse triage or administrative staff). When used in complement, the solution alleviates heavy call/contact center volume, allows care staff to practice at the top of their licenses, and focus on more complex, high-touch interactions.

Does my organization need to purchase any other Clearstep solution to use Patient Services?

While we believe our solutions work best when used together, you don’t need to purchase any other Clearstep Solution to implement Patient Services. However, most clients with Patient Services also use our Virtual Triage solution to provide a seamless, one-stop digital experience for their patients.

What benefit does my organization get from using a Patient Services Solution?

Clients using Patient Services see reduced administrative costs due to reduced calls to their call centers. Clients also report an improved digital experience for their patients by providing an easy-to-use, centralized hub for finding all administrative functions of the organization.

Step up your digital patient engagement strategy with Clearstep.

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