5 Ways Our Partnership with Tufts Medicine Moves Healthcare Forward

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We recently announced an expanded partnership with Tufts Medicine that promises to redefine the healthcare experience for their patients. 

This collaboration—combining our cutting-edge, clinically validated digital triage software with Tufts Medicine's distinguished healthcare services—introduces an AI-driven, virtual-first hybrid care model.

Initially piloted in late 2020, Tufts will deploy our technology enterprise-wide over the next 12 months—promising a frictionless and efficient patient experience across their network.

5 Ways Our Partnership Will Move Healthcare Forward

1. Innovative Features

The collaboration furthers a transformative patient care approach for Tufts Medicine.

  • Virtual-first care model: Using our clinically validated healthcare conversational AI for initial patient triage, Tufts can guide its patients to suitable in-network care without needing to schedule an in-person appointment—creating quicker and more convenient care options. 
  • Hybrid care delivery: Accessible on various platforms, such as Tufts' websites, mobile apps, patient portals, and Google search, the model allows a smooth transition from virtual care to in-person care with a Tufts provider.
  • Enhanced in-person experience: Our technology ensures efficient appointment booking and provides providers with summarized patient interaction notes, which, in turn, enhances the quality of in-person care.

2. Health System Benefits

Our partnership with Tufts Medicine will help them achieve several of their key priorities:

  • Controlled first mile: Focusing on guiding patients to the most appropriate care at the outset of their care journey. 
  • Enhanced user experience: Integrating our technology into Tuft’s existing systems helps create an easy and seamless experience for patients already familiar with their app or website. Additionally, it’s easy for new patients to access via Google search. 
  • Cost efficiency: Streamlining care to reduce unnecessary expenses for value-based care plans, boost margins for fee-for-service arrangements, and allow providers to see patients who need them the most. 

3. A Step Towards Enhanced Care Access

Our technology continues to evolve to optimize capacity for ambulatory and outpatient care, signifying a major leap in enhancing care access:

  • >95% triage accuracy
  • +85% faster than telephone triage
  • +95% of patients triaged to more clinically appropriate resources
  • +60% of triage users convert to new patients

4. Tufts Medicine’s Outlook on Future Healthcare

Emily Young, President of Tufts Medicine’s Integrated Network, expressed their enthusiasm for using our technology to provide their patients with accessible and effective care options. 

"We want to provide our current and future patients with the option of beginning their care journeys virtually and seamlessly, moving to coordinated in-person care when necessary. We are excited to offer these benefits to our patients, bringing together technology, care models, and payment mechanisms to better meet the needs of the diverse communities we serve.”

The partnership demonstrates the power of cutting-edge technology combined with a shared passion for healthcare advancement.

5. Setting a Precedent in Healthcare

The Clearstep and Tufts Medicine partnership heralds a new era in healthcare, leveraging AI and digital innovation to transform patient experiences and care delivery. 

Our collaboration is more than an integration of technology—it is a commitment to improving healthcare accessibility, efficiency, and patient access and outcomes.

Want to learn more about how our virtual triage software and healthcare conversational AI can transform your health system? Let’s talk.

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