Smart Care Routing™ Product Updates - Q3 2023

Clearstep Team
Clearstep Team

Expansion of vaccine & screening offerings improves preventative medicine for patients

As health systems continue to elevate preventive medicine efforts over more traditional curative models, it's important that technology is able to support the shift. Clearstep’s core technology is powered by our proprietary Natural Language Processor (NLP), which has traditionally used the Schmitt gold standard triage content to route patients based on their symptoms. However, as a response to the push for preventive medicine, our clinical team has recognized the opportunity to leverage our NLP to better route patients to the correct vaccine and/or health screening, based on their conversation inputs, and schedule these services directly with the provider. Subsequently, this update ensures that Clearstep's robust clinical AI assistants can effectively route all patients to the correct service or care, even when they have no symptoms, further keeping them in the health system and improving their outcomes. 

Optimized care routing based on facility resources ensures efficient care delivery

The care recommendations at the end of Clearstep triages present patients with the best option for care based on their symptoms.  Understanding that not all care facilities readily have the same resources available to treat all symptoms, we’ve optimized our routing logic to only display facilities that guarantee symptoms are treatable at recommended care locations. For example, if our clinical logic recognizes the need for same-day imaging (i.e., x-ray), it will only show facilities that have that resource available (ex., showing primary care facilities that have same-day imaging services in addition to traditional urgent cares). These facility resources differ across our partners and can be customized so that we route patients based on the availability within your care ecosystem. This feature also provides a superior patient experience. Patients are assured that the provider can treat their symptoms which, in turn, limits unnecessary patient visits, improves wait times at facilities, and reduces costs.

Additions to our clinical protocols allow for improved routing of newborn and pediatric patients

Clearstep’s clinical team constantly evaluates the latest guidelines to ensure that all patients are routed according to the gold standard of triage. Recent updates by the clinical team to our triage content which powers our clinical AI logic, have allowed us to expand our newborn and pediatric protocols to be more robust in routing these conditions. With these updates, health systems can be assured of our ability to route patients of all ages to the best outcome, and patients can know they are receiving the highest quality of care based on their symptoms.

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