Equipping Care Teams with “Executive Summary” Notes for Upcoming Patient Appointments

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As providers continue to be asked to take on additional patients, it's important for healthcare organizations to equip them with the tools necessary to optimize their time so they can continue to prioritize the patient-provider relationship. On average, physicians spend around 16 minutes in the EHR alone per patient, and when it's difficult to find the pertinent information in the system, digging through the hard to navigate EHR can take time away from the patient. So, how can healthcare organizations ensure providers have the most pertinent healthcare information for their patient without requiring them to sift through pages of EMR documentation? 

The ability to pass information between triage solutions and EMRs isn’t a new feature for Clearstep. Our summary notes contain all positive and negative characteristics, as well as demographic information, that is collected during a patient’s conversation when using the tool. Upon completion, the summary note can be pushed to the customer’s EMR so they have all the initial patient information usually collected at the time of a patient’s arrival for a visit, before they even leave home. The feature was originally designed to help providers gain an understanding of a patient’s symptoms so they can drive more meaningful conversations.

Improving further on the notion that we should arm providers with the most impactful data applicable to their patient, we’ve introduced a new feature that builds upon our summary note ability. A recently released update now allows us to dynamically rank the most pertinent characteristics collected during a conversation and deliver them to their provider for their visit. With the help of our clinical team, we can use the same intelligence we use in triages to highlight which characteristics will be most helpful to providers in making their diagnosis and surface those attributes to the top of our summary notes, ensuring they see them before even seeing the patient. This feature was designed with the understanding that providers are busy, and need to be able to quickly discern what information is helpful in treating their patient. Clearstep is able to deliver the most important insights from conversations so providers can focus on delivering the best care possible.

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