The Transformative Power of Clearstep’s API in Patient Triage

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Clearstep’s digital triage software and conversational AI for healthcare navigation are beacons of innovation, efficiency, and patient-centered care. 

In November 2023, we made a significant stride in healthcare digitalization when a large integrated health system in Texas adopted our advanced digital integration technology, aka our application programmable interface (API).

This collaboration introduced an authenticated chat experience within their patient portal, leveraging our virtual triage capabilities. Patients now enjoy the convenience of logging in and accessing customized triage services, with an option for a seamless transition to live agents if needed.

Since its launch, 82% of their patients have completed conversations with the chatbot successfully. This high engagement rate is a testament to the user-friendly and efficient nature of the system. 

Additionally, the health system has witnessed a remarkable 40% deflection rate from higher acuity care settings, underscoring the effectiveness of our API in guiding patients to appropriate care levels.

The Power of Flexibility and Experience Control

Our API features remarkable flexibility; customers can choose from various endpoints, tailoring the experience to their specific needs while incorporating elements of our white-labeled experience. This adaptability allows each healthcare provider to optimize the API’s implementation based on their unique context.

Additionally, the autonomy granted to customers regarding design integration is a game-changer and enables a seamless user experience, as patients interact with familiar interfaces while benefiting from our advanced technology.

From AI Encounter to Live Agent Workflow 

For conversations that necessitate extra support, Care Guides are promptly alerted through their telephony platform when a new patient from the patient portal requests assistance. Upon notification, the Care Guide is equipped with a comprehensive package containing details of the patient's initial input, their answers to specific questions, the calculated triage level, and the critical responses pivotal in determining that triage. This swift and efficient system ensures that Care Guides can begin their tailored support typically within a few minutes.

A standout feature of our system is the capability for a live agent handoff through our advanced APIs. This unique feature enables a seamless transition from an AI-driven encounter to human support, providing continuity and personalized care.

The integration of a summary from the AI encounter into the live agent's workflow is a critical aspect that enhances efficiency. Care Guides have all the necessary information at their fingertips, enabling them to ask the right questions in a standardized manner. This streamlines the process and guarantees that no crucial information is missed, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the care provided.

Should a patient be disconnected, their session is saved within their profile. Patients logged into the portal can access this functionality. When they return, the session and its history are saved for them to resume.

Tufts Medicine’s Native Chat Experience: A Case Study in Seamless Integration

Tufts Medicine harnesses our APIs within their MyTuftsMed app, creating a native chat experience that is both intuitive and efficient.

The integration is so seamless that users remain unaware they are interacting with an external system. Our API kicks in when a patient inputs a symptomatic complaint, guiding them through a triage conversation with the same clinical content as our white-labeled version.

The unique aspect of Tufts’ implementation is its use of our design for the results page, integrating it with its provider directory. This approach exemplifies the API’s flexibility and enhances the patient experience by providing direct links to relevant providers.

An Innovative Approach to Care Delivery

A large, Georgia-based health system’s implementation of our API in its care delivery app is a testament to the versatility and impact of our technology. 

Aiming to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits, the health system’s app allows patients to initiate triage through voice input or symptom entry. Our API then takes over, facilitating a comprehensive digital triage software experience.

The health system’s distinctive approach includes framing our chat within its app, enhancing patient convenience. The system smartly utilizes patient information to streamline the triage process. 

Post-triage, the app recommends care options, incorporating our diagnostic capabilities to suggest locations equipped to provide necessary care. This feature, unique to the health system, highlights our API’s capacity to extend beyond standard triage, offering tailored care recommendations.

A New Era in Healthcare Efficiency and Patient Engagement

Our API-driven solutions – as exemplified in the experiences of the health systems discussed above – are setting a new standard in healthcare efficiency and patient engagement. 

These innovations represent an exciting frontier in the quest to deliver patient-centric, efficient, and technologically advanced healthcare services.

If you think your health system can benefit from our API, let’s talk.

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