Symptom Checking & Care Routing

Powerful and accurate triage to help patients find the best care

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Symptom checking

Trusted clinical triage content

Clearstep’s natural language processor understands users’ descriptions of their symptoms and asks the fewest number of follow-up questions to deliver the best options for care with the highest degree of accuracy. In a clinical trial, Clearstep matched the judgment of six blinded emergency room physicians 95% of the time.

Provider match

Provider matching directly integrated into your system

Clearstep goes the extra mile to deliver an actionable experience. We match our 16 unique triage endpoints to your provider and facility data, while layering in eligibility information, so that users aren’t just told what kind of care they need — they’re told exactly who to see and where to go for care.

Price transparency

Help patients understand the cost of their care

Healthcare is perhaps the only industry where consumers commit to services without any idea of how much services will cost them. Clearstep’s proprietary algorithms allow for accurate prediction of healthcare costs based on patients’ symptoms, enabling your patients and members to make informed decisions about their care.

Scheduling interface

Actionable steps to get care with online scheduling

Whether your system already has online scheduling enabled or is looking for a partner to facilitate digital transformation, we're here to help. We can schedule through your EMR, leverage third-party scheduling providers, or build directly into your systems.