Beyond One-Size-Fits-All: Prioritizing Personalized Experiences for Health Systems and Patients

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As health systems wrangle with front-line and administrative staff shortages, meeting the wants and needs of patients can inevitably fall by the wayside.

However, digital triage and care navigation software and innovative AI-powered solutions have emerged as tools for health systems to focus on patient-centered care and improve healthcare delivery amid such challenges.

Virtual Triage: A Revolution in Patient Care

Virtual triage is a testament to how technology can personalize healthcare.

For example, our virtual triage mirrors the depth of a doctor's initial consultation by allowing patients to input their symptoms in free text and guiding them through a series of clinically relevant questions. 

Built on Schmitt clinical content and validated by more than 200 million encounters, it offers tailored healthcare navigation and self-care advice, directly reflecting each patient's unique symptoms and situation.

The results are nothing short of transformative: 

  • >95% triage accuracy
  • +85% faster than telephone triage
  • +95% patients triaged to more clinically appropriate resources
  • +60% of triage users convert to new patients

Patients can expect a healthcare experience that starts from the comfort of their home, equipped with clear guidance on self-care and when to seek professional help. This personalized interaction educates patients and empowers them to make informed decisions about their health, which can lead to enhanced patient satisfaction and engagement.

Personalization for Healthcare Systems

For healthcare providers, Clearstep's Smart Care Routing™ includes configurable modules, deployable as white-labeled UX or API. 

This offering aligns with the health system's brand, integrating seamlessly into its existing digital platforms. The customization extends to care routing, especially for specialty care, ensuring the routing aligns with the healthcare provider's protocols and resources. 

Additionally, detailed analytics provide invaluable insights into patient demographics and behavior, further enabling healthcare systems to tailor their services to meet patient needs effectively.

Beyond Triage: Comprehensive Care Coordination

Clearstep's broader platform encompasses patient services and clinical journeys, enhancing the continuum of care.

These solutions significantly reduce the administrative load on healthcare professionals by automating routine interactions and facilitating remote patient monitoring. 

Integration and Accessibility: Enhancing Healthcare Engagement

The seamless integration with existing healthcare systems, such as EHRs and CRMs, ensures patient data enhances the care experience without disrupting existing workflows.

Clearstep's commitment to inclusivity, demonstrated through multilingual support, also broadens access to personalized healthcare for diverse patient populations.

Impacting Healthcare Providers and Patients

Our technology fundamentally changes how healthcare providers interact with and manage patient care.

By addressing common challenges like staff shortages and enhancing patient engagement, Clearstep supports a more sustainable healthcare environment. Patients benefit from reduced wait times, accessible healthcare guidance, and personalized care pathways, which can improve health outcomes.

Modern Healthcare Demands Personalized Experiences

When considering the unique benefits for both patients and healthcare providers, it's clear that virtual triage improves the healthcare experience and sets a new standard for patient-centered care in the digital age.

As healthcare continues to evolve, our advanced AI solutions are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of patient care and health system management, ensuring that personalization and efficiency are at the heart of the healthcare experience.

If your health system can benefit from personalized experiences for all stakeholders, let's talk.

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